Port Richmond AIR is a project of Clean Air Council’s community health program, and follows the work and interests of the staff. The community health team works with engineers, planners, chemists, and neighborhood residents to monitor air quality in Philadelphia’s port neighborhood, Port Richmond.

The air monitoring research team carries out community-based participatory research to develop a better understanding of the level of both particulate matter and black carbon in the neighborhood. Ambient air quality measurements in Philadelphia are not enough. They don’t give us a clear enough picture of the actual level of pollution Philadelphia’s working-class and low-income neighborhoods are actually exposed to.

Air, though immaterial and often invisible, has real health consequences for Philadelphia citizen’s. From asthma to emphysema, exposure to poor air quality can have a significant impact on our quality of life in the city. This blog is aimed at documenting and tracing the various things and events that help to make air quality and environmental health in Port Richmond.

This blog is curated by john lee, the environmental justice project manager and community health coordinator in Clean Air Council’s Environmental Health program. 

For more info email john at jlee@cleanair.org or give him a call at 215-567-4004 ext. 105.


  1. Daniel Adair said:

    Residents in Bridesburg would be interested in obtaining assistance, on air and soil samples in our area!! Any help would be appreciated!!

    • cmizes said:

      Hi Dan! Bridesburg is just a stone’s throw away. I’ll get in touch with you about what we’re working on next.

  2. amd said:

    What do you consider the boundaries of Port Richmond to be?

    • jlee said:

      for the project’s purpose, Port Richmond was “bounded” by Lehigh, Frankford, Delaware Ave, and the creek towards the east side.

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