River Wards Environment Tour

Tour Flyer

Port Richmond and Bridesburg, and the River Wards more generally, have more potential environmental hazards than most other places in the Philadelphia region. From waste transfer stations, to chemical storage, to regular heavy-duty truck traffic, there are plenty of potential sources or air, water, and soil pollution. Local residents, community organizations and Clean Air Council are concerned with the amount of hazards that exist now and the new sources of pollution that may exist in the future. As Philadelphia continues to remake the Delaware waterfront, we are encouraging local policy-makers to consider what this means for the health and well-being of waterfront and port communities like the River Wards. 

And so, the River Wards Environment Tour now has a final date! In just under two weeks, we’ll be meeting at Campbell Square park in Port Richmond to start an in-depth exploration of the local environment. Using the research local residents have done on environmental hazards, the tour will highlight the environmental history of the places we are most frustrated and concerned with. We are also going to highlight the things that make these River Wards neighborhoods the great places they are. From local businesses to open spaces, we’ll point out some of our most loved spots.

We’ll have environmental researchers on hand from Drexel University talk about and answer questions about local pollutants and their sources. Diane Sicotte, an environmental sociologist, will talk about different types of hazards in the area, where they came from, and why they are still here. We’ll also have Pete DeCarlo, an atmospheric scientist, on hand to collect real-time measurements of particulate matter while we move through the neighborhoods. Clean Air Council will provide transportation, and Chris Mizes (that’s me) will be your urban environment tour guide for the afternoon. Looking forward to an exciting tour and remember, if you are a resident or representing an organization and would like to attend please RSVP. Spaces are filling up fast!




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