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Our air speaks to the internet. Air Quality Egg base stations glow different colors as they feed NO2 and CO data into the Clean Air Council router.

Our Air Quality eggs have arrived! Wait, what’s that?

Earlier in 2012, Clean Air Council donated to #airqualityegg’s kickstarter campaign, a small group of DIY designers, engineers, computer nerds, etc. that decided to make an open-sourced do-it-yourself air quality monitor. Working on an air monitoring campaign in Philadelphia, we understand the need for inexpensive and openly available methods for everyday folks to understand the quality of the air around them.

We put two eggs up in our office: poached is currently perched on the ledge outside our third floor office window in the Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philadelphia; over-easy is inside the office, humming away next to my co-worker’s desk. Those links in our cute egg names will connect you to the live feed of air quality data for each of our eggs. If you’d like some historical data from our monitors click on poached or over-easy and it will take you to the historical and live feeds for each. Read More